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Meeting of the Mustangs

What do an old Ford and a particular young mustang have in common?

Awarded a 5-star review by Readers’ Favorite, this is the story about the beginning of life for one horse.

After losing his father shortly after birth, a young mustang growing up in the wilderness of the American west is put to the test. The struggle to survive despite nasty weather, predators, and unfortunate accidents is very real to these enduring horses. Conditions forced upon them by nature and those that come at the hands of men are very different, however. Instinct cannot always outwit the bad intentions of human beings.

Not all humans are bad, though, and sometimes the unexpected can happen. Find out how one horse and one man profoundly impact each other’s lives, and decide for yourself if karma truly does exist.

A great story for almost any age, this tale will be enjoyed by animal lovers from all walks of life.

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The gamechanger

The game changer, by JustWorld initiative, is a big success! 

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Foran Equine

Foran Equine boasts a comprehensive, well-established range of over 60 products. These include superior quality nutritional supplements specifically designed to optimize health and boost performance and essential health care products for performance horses. Products are developed by an experienced multi-disciplinary team including veterinary surgeons, chemists equine nutritionists and horsemen and women in accordance with our customers needs. Though development and innovation trials in-house and in leading educational institutes, products are put trough their paces to ensure superior levels of efficacy, safety and quality. 

Horse International
The professional's choice

Horse International offers you an inside view on the main international horse shows (jumping, dressage and eventing), including the news of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the International Jumping Riders Club (IJRC) JustWorld International, Warmblood Studbook of Ireland (WSI), interviews, background stories, information on legal issues, insurance issues, medical issues and all you need to know about breeding.

L’Année Hippique
The International equestrian yearbook

In 1943 the first edition of L’Année Hippique was published. Over the years, the yearbook has undergone changes. Two years ago we modernized it with a new cover and layout, last year we increased the pages to 304; offering detailed reports on all major equestrian events and championships.

Last year we also went back in time again by including the Germany language for the main features as we did in the past. The yearbook will be supported by high quality full colour pictures and interesting feature stories, making every edition of L’Année Hippique a collector’s item as well as an ideal tool for exclusive brand advertising. By including your own ‘With Compliments’ page makes the yearbook a perfect business gift.

Horse International Youth

Horse International Youth features the kind of coverage the modern youth looks for: all about fashion, education, the coolest new products and useful tips and advice from role models in the business and sport.

Horse International Youth is looking to connect serious, passionate young equestrians on a global level who are aiming to make their later professional career in the equestrian industry and become the equestrian stars of tomorrow.

Please note that is publication is only available as ePaper

By promoting your company in our publications, you will reach the entire equestrian world; riders, breeders, event organisations, retailers, manufacturers, service providers and all professionals involved in the equestrian world. Due to  our strong readers group and our contacts in Germany (all subscribers of equitrends International will receive Horse International four times a year) you will be able to present your products to the retailers in Germany. We are present at international horse events and we can get you in contact with anybody involved in the international equestrian sport. Through our focus on the youth, we give you the possibility to connect early on with the future equestrian professionals.

Please have a look at our rate cards which will provide you with all information and possibilities that our publications have to offer and if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Horse International 
The magazine for the professionals in the equestrian sport .

Get your year subscription on print or ePaper.

Are you not yet familiar with Horse International, you have the possibility to receive the one issue of the magazine for free.

Inge van der Net, Producer

Inge van der Net is the producer, editor in chief and account manager of Horse, Horse International Youth and L’Année Hippique. She is responsible for the contents of the three publications, as well as public relations and sales. If anyone is looking for an advertorial or advertisement opportunities, she is the one to get in touch with. As the managing force behind the team, she makes it all happen. At events, she is the face behind the publications

Jeannette Martens, Editor

With a background in translation, Jeannette Martens edits all the texts as they come in, as well as transcribing all Dutch language submissions and any audio interviews for Horse International, Horse International Youth and L’Année Hippique. Combining a special interest in veterinary developments and innovation with a love for the sport, she collects competition reports, news, and image material.


Producer and media consultant
Inge van der Net
Tel.: +31 (0) 6 83 440 570