• FEI World Individual Dressage Ranking Number 1: Isabell Werth (GER) Photo: Hippo Foto/Dirk Caremans

    FEI World Individual Dressage Ranking Number 1: Isabell Werth (GER) Photo: Hippo Foto/Dirk Caremans

  • Longines Rankings Show Jumping Number 1: Harrie Smolders (NED) Photo: Hippo Foto/Dirk Caremans

    Longines Rankings Show Jumping Number 1: Harrie Smolders (NED) Photo: Hippo Foto/Dirk Caremans

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Name Isabell WERTH
FEI ID 10011389
Gender Female
Date of Birth 21/07/1969
Competing for Germany - GER
Registration Dressage 2016
Marital status * unknown *
Family Son Frederik
Residence Rheinberg, GER
Occupation Athlete, Business Owner, Horse Trainer
Languages German, English
Higher education Law

General Interest
Nicknames Dressage Queen (isabell-werth.de, 22 Dec 2014)
Most influential person in career German coach Uwe Schulten-Baumer, and her parents. (isabell-werth.de, 02 May 2016)
Sporting philosophy / motto "My home is on the horse. A quiet ride makes me happy." (gq-magazin.de, 29 Sep 2011)
Awards and honours She was named the 1999 Sportswoman of the Year in the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia. (FEI, 04 Jul 2000) She has held the title of L'Annee Hippique's Dressage Rider of the Year. (junior-riders.com, 29 Apr 2003)
Other information STABLES After working as a lawyer and in the marketing department of one of her sponsors, she moved to a stables near Hamburg, Germany. In 2002 she set up her own dressage training stable at her family home in Rheinberg, Germany. (isabell-werth.de, 02 May 2016) LONG CAREER Although she has been successful in dressage for many years, she says her competitive instinct is still strong. "It is because I work with living things. I'm not going every day to the swimming pool or the running track, that is, it is not one-sided or boring. The sport and breeding have become so extremely refined that I am still learning after a career of almost 30 years. I enjoy training young horses much more than before. As long as the fun is here and I'm still healthy I'll keep on riding." (derwesten.de, 04 Mar 2016) SUSPENSION In May 2009 one of her mounts Whisper returned a positive test for fluphenazin, a drug that acts as a sedative in horses. She claimed that Whisper was administered the drug as a treatment for shivering syndrome, a disease that affects the nervous system. She was suspended for six months by the International Equestrian Federation [FEI] and fined 3,000 USD. The German Equestrian Federation [FN] extended the ban to one year. The suspension ended in June 2010. (chronofhorse.com, 25 Jun 2010) SECOND SUSPENSION In November 2013 she was banned for six months by the FN after her horse El Santro NRW tested positive for cimetidine at the 2012 Rhineland Championships in Langenfeld, Germany. She claimed the horse ingested the banned substance from drinking contaminated water, but following an investigation the FN deemed the horse had most likely consumed the cimetidine from a neighbouring stable. The substance is not banned at international level but is prohibited by the German Equestrian Federation. (insidethegames.biz, 05 Nov 2013) OTHER ACTIVITES She assisted in the development of the Bates Isabell Dressage Saddle, which is sold worldwide. She has also developed her own sportswear collection that specialises in horse riding clothing. She featured in a computer game called Isabell Werth: Equestrian and has worked as an ambassador for the Christoffel Mission for the Blind. (isabell-werth.com, 02 May 2016, 16 Nov 2015, 22 Nov 2007; vanityfair.de, 22 Nov 2007; tds-saddlers.com, 29 Apr 2003)

Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport? She began riding at age five on her parents' farm in Rheinberg, Germany.
Why this sport? Her family is involved in equestrian sport. She concentrated on showjumping and eventing until age 17, when Uwe Schulten-Baumer, a dressage coach and the father of her friend Verena, asked if she wanted to try riding one of his horses. Since that day she has been hooked on dressage.
Club / Team Graf von Schmettow Eversael: Rheinberg, GER
Name of coach Monica Theodorescu [national] GER

International Debut
Year 1988
Competing for Germany


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