Alfredo Hernandez’s horses untraceable

Due to a serious accident, the international jumper Alfredo Hernandez was out of the sport from November last year and is unable to ride for a longer period of time. So the Mexican outsourced his horses, but according to him they are now untraceable. These include Diego (Verdi x Gran Corrado), BCO Milton Z (Mylord Carthago x Sandro Boy), Isidor Carcaletto (Cardento x Concorde), Before (Tenerife VDL x Matterhorn) and Eclaire (Coltaire Z x Quito de Baussy). Alfredo Hernandez was forced into complete inactivity by the accident in November. Maybe next fall he can pick up riding again. The rider indicates that he entrusted his horses, for regular management, to Martina Romagnoli of the Haras de Ligny in Belgium. When his physical condition allowed it, Alfredo wanted his horses back to manage them in daily life and to have them close to him. To his surprise they were no longer at Haras De Ligny’s. When Hernandez asked for an explanation, he was told that he had donated the horses to Mrs. Romagnoli. According to Hernandez this does not correspond with the truth, because no transfer of ownership was signed and it was certainly not his intention to donate ‘a set of horses worth millions of euros’. Hernandez’s lawyer is working on it. “But the problem is we can’t find the horses. Probably two of them (Diego and BCO Milton) are in Ireland. No trace of the others, Isidor, Before and Eclaire”. Hernandez calls on anyone who has information about these horses, or to whom these horses were offered to ride or sell, to contact him at telephone number + 32 486 12 35 35. “In the FEI passports, Alfredo Hernandez is the owner. Again, the horses weren’t sold or given away, they were simply stolen.”


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