Boost your horse’s natural defence and immune system

Cavalor Resist + Vit C supports your horse’s natural defences and immune system, making your horse less susceptible to infections and offering protection from pathogens. Horses, especially those that travel frequently and come into contact with other horses, need extra support to keep their natural defences strong. Young horses and older animals often have weaker immune systems, as do sport horses after an exhausting competition season. Cavalor Resist + Vit C contains a powerful blend of antioxidants and herbs to protect the body and boost immune system function, helping to maintain the body’s natural defences.

Furthermore, we have improved the recipe of Cavalor Resist + Vit C. The formula was already full of powerful herbs, but to have a broader action against viruses and bacteria, we added Tea tree oil, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil and Lemongrass oil. These essential oils support the respiration, circulation and lymphatic system and lower the pressure on the immunity system.

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