Brexit has increased the transport costs of moving horses

Equestrians who have travelled horses abroad since Britain left the EU are being urged to share their experiences to help improve the situation. The cost of travelling horses abroad by ferry has increased by around 318% since the end of the Brexit transition period (31 December). H&H has reported extensively on the vast increase in costs and paperwork those involved in moving horses across borders now face, as well as associated welfare concerns as a result of extended journey times, the impact on buyers and sellers, plus extra red tape and costs for equestrian business and their customers.

British Equestrian (BEF) is gathering evidence to lobby Government on what needs to change and is asking people to contact them with details of their experiences, particularly at border control posts (BCPs). The Government’s environment, food and rural affairs (EFRA) committee has also launched a call for evidence as part of an inquiry into moving animals across borders post-Brexit. The deadline for this is 17 March.

Source Horse and Hound

Photo by Hippo Foto


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