BWP denies collaboration with Equine Genomics

On the website Venturecapital, a website for investors, former KWPN director Johan Knaap presented his new company Equine Genomics. In the company profile you could read that Knaap collaborates with the BWP and Hannover, and even more so, forms a consortium with the studbooks. BWP denies this: “This is absolutely not true. Of course it is part of the BWP business operations to look for opportunities for the operation of the studbook which are at the service of the breeders. In that sense this also happens in the area of pedigree research via DNA,” writes BWP director Rudi Eerdekens in a message on the website, “We spoke to the current supplier and accepted an invitation to talk with Johan Knaap. There is an offer from him, but no more than that. By the way, the offer is only about parentage testing and not about OCD testing. As always in the BWP, these dossiers are supervised by the administrative body and decisions are taken there.”



Photo KWN

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