CDIO Compiègne, cancellation was not an option

Next week a lot of riders will go to the CDIO in Compiègne (FRA) again. Last year the organisation had to cancel the competition because of the pandemic. This year’s edition is also affected by Covid-19 and EHV-1. But according to Monique Marini, chairwoman and organiser of the competition, cancelling was not an option.
Monique Marini tells Dressprod: “I have a great team. It is not easy to be a show organiser in these times. We have to take into account both Covid-19 and EHV-1. The French equestrian federation imposes extremely strict protocols. We are making them even stricter ourselves with compulsory PCR tests for the horses. We have asked the permission of the FEI for that. Each person must also present a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old upon arrival at the venue. So a lot of work, but the team is excellent and very close. I am very happy with them.”
“When I asked the prefecture for permission to organise the competition, I was already prepared for it to be behind closed doors. In that sense I also submitted the application to the FEI, which gave us a strict protocol. I am very happy about that because it is very important that the riders feel safe. The competition has to go on without any problems, and the closed doors are a consequence of the situation we are in. The government may have relaxed the measures, but we were not even tempted to restrict public access. That would have been too complicated.”
“The majority of our partners still wanted to support us, despite the closed doors. I want to thank them for that, because it is thanks to them that our beautiful event can take place. A lot of pictures will be taken and everything will be broadcasted live. So we can definitely guarantee them the necessary visibility, also through our social media.”
“Even after it became known that there were a number of cases of EHV-1 in France, there was never any question of cancelling the event. I have committed myself to the equestrian federation to organise the competition with all possible and imaginable safety measures. There was a need for a competition: the Olympic Games are in July already. The riders must be able to compete and compete with each other. I would also like to thank the top riders who come to our competition. Our aim is to get the big names in every discipline to come here. That’s really recognition for our work.”
Source: Dresspod
Photo by Hippo Foto

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