Chicago’s ‘Dreadhead Cowboy,’ charged after riding horse on the Dan Ryan Expressway, appears in court

Adam Hollingsworth is facing several charges, including animal cruelty. Hollingsworth rode his horse on the Dan Ryan during rush hour on Sept. 21 for several miles south to 95th Street, where he was eventually arrested. He said he was protesting violence against children, but prosecutors argue the horse was improperly saddled and badly hurt during the ride, leaving her in critical condition. Wednesday’s 9 a.m. court appearance was a preliminary hearing; the judge continued the case until late October.

“Last Monday my purpose was to bring awareness to a cause left unheard; to get the backlash has been very heartbreaking, to be painted like a monster; everyone knows I love my horses,” Hollingsworth said after the appearance Wednesday. Hollingsworth’s lawyer is calling on Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, and even actor Mr. T to help his client clear his name. “He is inspired by Mr. T; I call upon Mr. T to please reach out to us. What Mr. T did with muscles and chains, my client is doing with western cowboy culture,” attorney Jonathan Feldman said.

Prosecutors declined to comment Wednesday.

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