Competitions in Belgium

From June 8th again competitions in Belgium, from July 1st even audience is welcome. In the Netherlands competitions are still banned until 1 September, in Belgium they release the restrictions earlier.

From 8 June, all sports activities can be resumed without distinction. Only contact sports such as soccer, basketball, judo or wrestling training will remain contactless. Within the equestrian sports sector, contact sports include horseball and vaulting. From the 1st of July the public will be allowed to be present at sports competitions, with a maximum of 200 people.

“We started banning everything, there was some kind of lockdown. From June 8th the basic position is different, the starting point is our freedom. Everything will be possible, except the activities that are explicitly excluded,” said Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès at the press conference of the National Security Council. From 8 June, the hospitality industry at sports clubs will also be open again. Hygiene rules will of course remain essential in Belgium as well. Equestrian Flanders will fill in the remaining part of the outdoor season later this week.

Source galop

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