Cooling and massage therapy

Ice-Vibe Circulation Therapy is a combination of cooling and massage therapy to effectively process inflammation whilst stimulating repair of ligaments and tendons, allowing for a faster recovery. Ice-Vibe does what ice cannot. Inflammation is a critical part of the repair process. Icing constricts the blood vessels and restricts blood flow to the injured area, delaying the healing process. Ice-Vibe boots are designed to gently cool the tissue to reduce swelling, but not remove inflammation completely.

  • Oxygenates tissue for recovery
  • Reduces tendon stiffness before exercise
  • Recovery after exercise
  • Improves tendon injuries
  • Helps reduce inflamed suspensories by
  • supporting bloodflow
  • Relieves windgall pain
  • Encourages hoof growth
  • Reduces tension of the forelegs and hamstrings
  • Reduces scar tissue

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