Cooperation between Irish jumper Darragh Kenny and American horse owner Ann Thompson ended

After three years, the cooperation between Irish jumper Darragh Kenny and American horse owner Ann Thompson, for whom he rode a number of horses, has come to an end. Horses Kenny rode for Thomson included his top horse Balou du Reventon (by Cornet Obolensky) and Important de Muze (by Erco van het Roosakker). In 2019 Kenny and Balou competed at the European Championships in Rotterdam (NED) and were part of the winning team in the Nations Cup final. “Because the Coronavirus has such an enormous impact here in the US, I explained to Darragh that for me personally the involvement in equestrian sports should be reduced. I need to concentrate on my work for animals in need,” Thompson said in a statement. Ann Thompsons is reported to have started a new foundation. Many American horse owners are no longer able to take good care of their horses due to the Corona pandemic and the resulting economic problems. “I am not going out of the sport entirely, but it is time to reconsider my priorities. Darragh understands my passion and and I am happy that he supports my decision. It was nice to be able to support him and to get to know his whole team. Of course it is a pity that this cooperation is coming to an end, but we remain friends.” Kenny adds; “I am very sorry that this super cooperation is coming to an end now, but Ann has explained to me that she wants to focus on her foundation that rescues mistreated and neglected horses. I understand and am very grateful to Ann for everything she has done for me in recent years. I will miss her and her horses very much.” It is still unclear whether Thomson’s sport horses will be sold.
Photo by Hippo Foto

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