CSIO5* La Baule (FRA) will be moved to another date

The CSIO5* in La Baule (FRA), where the first nations cup of the season was to be held, will be moved to another date. The Nations Cup season would start mid-May in the French town, but Covid-19 and of course the EHV-1 outbreak, throw a spanner in the works. The organisation of La Baule has postponed the competition until mid-June in the hope that it can go ahead then. Because of this, the Nations Cup season will have to start in St. Gallen, Switzerland. At this moment that CSIO5* is still scheduled for 3 to 6 June. We will have to wait and see if the conditions are right for the competition to take place.

Source Horses.nl

Photo by Hippo Foto

Photo: Frank Schuttert  (NED) and La Fille Rouge riding the Derby Région des Pays de la Loire, La Baule 2018.

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