Denmark cancelled national competitions until 26 April

As there have been breaches of quarantine regulations in Denmark in connection with EHV-1, the Danish Equestrian Federation has cancelled all national competitions until 26 April. This does not concern horses that had returned from places where there were cases connected with the EHV-1 outbreak in Valencia, as these horses are still in quarantine. They were horses imported from abroad and horses from herds and stables with horses suffering from contagious diseases, where the rules for participation in competitions were not respected. Last weekend national competitions were hosted again in Denmark, so the Danish federation did not follow the FEI’s advice to not organise any national competitions until 12 April either. This decision was taken partly because it was expected that all quarantine regulations would be complied with. According to the federation, the past few days have shown that this did not happen. The federation still considers the risk of infection low, but could not rule it out. The people with exposed horses have now been informed. The federation stressed that the vast majority of its members took responsibility and thus contributed to ensure that the national competitions could go ahead. “So unfortunately it is the few, who have not followed the rules, which means that all events now have to be cancelled until 26 April.”

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