Diego and BCO Milton are rejoining Jérôme Guery’s string

In mid-June, we learned that several of the Mexican rider José Alfredo Hernández’s horses had left the Haras de Ligny and disappeared! Among those horses were Diego and BCO Milton, which had sped up Quel Homme de Hus’s return to the stables, thus ending his breeding season.

Today, the horses have been found in Ireland. Now, they’re back in Jérôme Guery’s string; they made it back to the competition grounds and they lost no time in rediscovering their bond with the rider.

BCO Milton Z (Mylord Carthago x Sandro Boy) won the small Silver Tour Grand Prix on Saturday, while Diego (Verdi x Gran Corrado) took second place in Friday’s ranking event, and will compete in the 2* Grand Prix on Sunday.

“I’m glad we were able to get the horses back. The case is still before the courts, but it’s a real pleasure that the horses can return to competition with Jerome. They’re now in Oliva and it’s going very well. They’re jumping well and have been doing well. Our objective with the horses is very simple: we want Jérôme to get to the Games next year! Obviously, if his horse, Quel Homme, is well, they will go together… but if there’s a problem, we want Milton to be ready to be part of the Belgian team, whereas Diego could consider going to the European Championships. The other horses are very competitive horses with good ability, but they won’t do well at the championships. We won’t participate in the indoor season, but will continue with the outdoor tours,” explains José Alfredo Hernández, who is still recovering from a very serious motocross accident. “I’m fine and my body is recovering slowly. I’m continuing to work on it intensively. With lockdown, the gyms are now closed, but I’m continuing to exercise a lot at home. I tried to get back on a horse, but I had to admit that my body wasn’t strong enough yet. Another time,” he says with his usual optimism.

Source Stud for Life

Photo by Hippo Foto

Jérôme Guery (BEL) and BCO Milton Z competiting at the Jumping International de Bordeaux (FRA), 2020.

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