Diesel du Bois Madame goes to Emeric George

During the last Oliva tour, Emeric George made his debut with three new mounts. Among them, Diesel du Bois Madame (Cassius x Heartbreaker x Lugano van Laroche), who is now 11 years old, was being competed by Marlon Zanotelli. Last year, the SBS stallion finished second at the Helsinki Grand Prix and the Sires of the World event in Lanaken after also coming second in the Nations Cup in Dublin. But he isn’t the only new recruit for the French rider, who can now also count on Charlotte Bettendorf’s former mount, Effect de l’Esprit Z (Eldorado vd Zeshoek x Quatum), a promising 9-year-old gelding, as well as the 8-year-old stallion, Calisco de Terlong (Mylord Carthago x Jalisco B), who was a finalist at the French Championships in Fontainebleau at the ages of 4, 5 and 6 years old. And that’s not the only good news, as Emeric George’s lead horse Chopin des Hayettes (Radco d’Houtveld), who had a year off this year following a fall while being hand walked, is now back in work and showing promise for a great 2021.

“We had wished to remain discreet about the arrival of Diesel, Effect and Calisco. Since the beginning of my career, the horses that I have gotten to the top level with have been bought by me or entrusted to me by owners by 7 years old at the latest. This is really the first time that I have had a horse of this level in my stables. Obviously, that presents a certain level of pressure, but that is inherent to competition. I don’t think I needed the extra pressure anyway, and it’s good that their debut with me was able to go unnoticed. Everything went well in Oliva. Diesel had only arrived the day before we left for Spain. So I only rode him during the test ride and once we got home. So we really learnt a lot about each other during this tour. I don’t have any particular objective even though with such a large number of horses, I obviously hope to join the French team at some point. We’re still thinking about how we’re going to offer Diesel and Calisco to breeders, but that’s definitely part of our plans for them. It’s not a novelty for me because in my years riding at the youth rider levels, I could count on the support of the National Stud farms which entrusted Fou Tchin Trevira to me with whom I took part in two Junior European Championships (where I won a silver medal and a team bronze medal), then with Idem de B’Neville in particular for the European Championships in Jardy in 2010. At the present time, I still have several entire horses in my stables. I’m happy and enthusiastic to have these new horses and this new project that is just starting,” said Emeric George.

Source StudforLife

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