Disciplinary proceedings against Andy Kocher

Fédération Equestre Internationale officials announced on Oct. 29 that they have opened disciplinary proceedings against Andy Kocher following an investigation into allegations made in June that he used electrified spurs on several FEI-registered and national horses in training and sanctioned competition.

“The disciplinary proceedings against Andrew Kocher are in accordance with Article 30 of the Internal Regulations of the FEI Tribunal for multiple alleged breaches of the FEI General Regulations, including Article 142, which prohibits horse abuse,” an FEI spokesperson said in a statement.

Kocher has been provisionally suspended since Oct. 28, the date of his notification by the FEI, and he is ineligible to participate in any FEI Events. “The provisional suspension is mirrored by the Athlete’s National Federation, so he is also ineligible to participate in any national events,” read the statement.

U.S. Equestrian Federation CEO Bill Moroney also issued a statement to the Chronicle: “USEF takes allegations of animal abuse seriously and is committed to protecting horse welfare and safety. The FEI has jurisdiction over this matter and has opened disciplinary proceedings against Andy Kocher following allegations that he has used electric spurs on horses in international and national events, and during training. He has been provisionally suspended by the FEI, and therefore, is suspended by the USEF and is ineligible to participate in any USEF events until further notice.”

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