Dorothee Schneider back in the saddle

Three weeks after the tragic death of her Grand Prix mare Rock’n Rose at CDN Pforzheimer, Dorothee Schneider is in the saddle again. The rider suffered a broken collarbone in the fall. Thanks to a tailor-made neoprene vest from German team doctor Dr. Manfred Giensch, Schneider can start training again and concentrate on preparing for the Olympics.
Schneider shared a video of her top horse Showtime FRH on Instagram. “As you can see, I am back in the saddle of Showi! We are training intensively again and I hope we will be able to go to competitions soon so that we can be there at the Olympic qualifiers,” the German writes enthusiastically.
“That I can ride again despite this injury I owe to a great team of doctors, therapists and your encouraging words, but also to the magical neoprene vest from our team doctor Dr. Giensch. It protects both my collarbone and ribs and ensures that I don’t have to deal with large movements with my arm.”
Photo by Hippo Foto

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