Dynamo van Broekhoven WF 

A success, that’s how the Horse Auction Belgium team can describe this very first online edition of their already well-known auction. The team was excited to enter the online horse auction world and have the opportunity to expand the already growing network of customers. The hard work and love invested in making this event ensured that customers from different continents came together from 26 June to 29 June. They were given the opportunity to purchase some top quality young horses. The auction went smoothly without any technical problems and all registered users were able to submit their bids without any problems. On the last day of the auction things went quite fast and the result was amazing: The average price for the 2, 3 and 4-year-old horses was €19,210.53, while the average price for the foals was €10,200. The auction best sold horse of the evening was Dynamo van Broekhoven WF, who left for the United Kingdom for an amount of €42,000. There were bidders from all over the world. For example, Mexico was sold to Colombia for €40,000, Range Rover was sold to Mexico for €24,000 and Maghana remained in Belgium for €20,000. The organisation is satisfied with this worldwide customer turnout. Only four horses remained in Belgium, five were sold to the United Kingdom and two to Mexico. There were also buyers from the United States, Poland, Ireland, France, Italy and South Africa. The Horse Auction Belgium team thanks their customers, sellers and everyone who made this event possible. They are very excited about the future and the next online auction.

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