Eventer Paul Tapner has no plans to ride again

Eventer Paul Tapner is making good progress as he recovers from a serious head injury, but has no plans to ride again. The “elite amateur”, who won Badminton in 2010 and has twice represented Australia at the World Equestrian Games but retired as a pro in 2016, suffered two bleeds on the brain and a mild stroke in a hacking fall from his advanced horse Bonza King of Rouges on 5 August.

Paul, who spent three weeks in hospital, told H&H that mentally, he feels “95% back to normal”, eight weeks on from the accident. “Physically, I’m still getting better,” he said. “I’m still having an enormous amount of medical intervention; my recovery is very much on fast forward, and I want to keep it that way.”

Paul said he has been embracing the help of different experts and therapists in his recovery, in the same way he has also used the appropriate experts to help his horses, and one physio suggested riding to help him progress. But he said: “I haven’t got back on a horse yet — and I have got no plans of getting back on, ever.

“I’d already retired from professional eventing. I was remaining competitive at the top level, but only with that one horse, and I was going to see his career out and finish anyway. I’ve slightly finished earlier than I wanted to but my competitive career is over and I’ve got no desire to go back to it.”

Paul’s daughter Madison has now taken over the ride on King.

Source Horse and Hound

Photo by Hippo Foto

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