Helgstrand closes Danish EU stud station for ten days

At EU stallion stations, blood samples are taken on a regular basis to ensure the necessary control of the stallions who are part of a breeding program. Unfortunately, it has become evident that two samples were mistakenly swapped at the most recent blood sampling in Denmark and the result is now incorrect on two of the stallions. It is important to note that the closure has nothing to do with the Herpes virus, but that it is only a procedural error related to one of the mandatory blood samples taken at our stallion station in Denmark.

“This is a procedural error from us, and it is very unfortunate, as it now influences our breeders,” says Andreas Helgstrand.

The procedural error means that the stallions stabled in Denmark will not be available for breeding until new blood samples have been taken. Due to these circumstances, it is up to the authorities to carry out the new blood samples and the response time has therefore been extended. We will not receive the results of the new blood samples beofre Friday April 9th, thus the stallions in Denmark will not be available from Wednesday March 31st until Friday April 9th.

It is also important to note that this does not have any consequences for the stallions that are stabled in Germany, neither at Helgstrand Germany nor at Deckstation Paul Schockemöhle. Thereby, semen will still be transported from Germany to our Danish breeders.

“This is a human error, and it is very unfortunate. We obviously have to follow the authorities’ recommendations, and hope for understanding from our breeders,” Andreas concludes.


Source Helgstrand Dressage

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