Help the horses in Ukraine

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Comme Il Faut will not be available for breeding in the coming period. Both Comme Il Faut and his sire Cornet Obolensky are in Ukraine at Gestüt Zhashkiv, about 150 kilometres south of Kiev. Comme Il Faut was planned to travel to Germany last Thursday, but that turned out to be a day too late. “It is still quiet at the moment in this region,” said Sjaak van der Lei, who imports the semen of Cornet Obolensky. Van der Lei is in contact with the manager of Valentyn Nychyporenko’s stud farm. Semen of Cornet Obolensky is still available. However, it is a different case with Comme Il Faut, who left Marcus Ehning’s stable for Zhaskiv last autumn, as he was not able to return to Germany last Thursday. There are 200 horses in total at the stud of Nychyporenko. According to the Ukrainian equestrian federation, there are more than 100,000 horses in the country. Many of them are affected by the war, so the equestrian federation has created this website to call for help:


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