Horse trucks in motion

Roelofsen Horse Trucks has been manufacturing horse trucks from their workshop in Raalte since 1987. But a lot has changed over the years. The small family business has grown into one of the biggest players in the market with an international clientele and some 90 employees. The product range varies from two-horse vehicles for a regular license, luxury trailers, to large trucks for up to twelve horses, with or without a living area. “The customer is king. Each truck is carefully designed according to the customer’s wishes. Each truck is therefore drawn and worked out piece by piece, making each vehicle unique,” says Jonny Roelofsen.

Throughout the years, the wishes and thus the horse trucks have changed enormously. “We notice that comfort and animal welfare are an increasingly important part of building a car. Sport horses have become more and more top athletes and make long journeys to competitions abroad, so it is important that they arrive at their destination in optimal condition and as rested as possible.”

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