Isabel Werth (GER) wins qualifier for young horses in Munich

Isabel Werth (GER) won the Grand Prix qualifier for young horses in Munich (GER) with the 9-year-old Superb 2 (by Surprice). Riding the Hanoverian mare, the rider secured a ticket for the final of the series, which will be held at the Frankfurt Festhalle in December.
Last Friday, Isabel Freese (NOR) and the 9-year-old Oldenburg Total Hope OLD (by Totilas) started as favourites in the qualifier for the Louisdor Preis. The combination won the 2019 Nürnberger Burg-Pokal final, showing that they made an excellent transition to the Grand Prix level. But in the final qualification the cards were shuffled again. Total Hope refused the piaffe and made mistakes in the canter changes, and the beautiful stallion ended up in fifth place.
Total Hope was not the only horse that struggled with the demands of the test. In almost all cases there were numerous faults, especially in the flying changes. Two riders even waived the evaluation, including Jessica von Bredow-Werndl with her 10-year-old Hanoverian Sir Max (by St. Moritz Junior).
In the test with Superb, Isabell Werth managed to achieve a safe score between seven and eight on all exercises. With 75,535 per cent, the pair secured their place in the final, which will be held in Frankfurt Festhalle in December.
Photo by Hippo Foto

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