Jan-Philipp Weichert back into the ring

Jan-Philipp Weichert is allowed back into the ring. The German jumping rider was suspended two years ago after a positive doping test at the German Championship in Balve, Germany. Because he has now admitted to the act, the FEI tribunal has reduced his sentence from four years to two. Weichert admitted that on his birthday, the night before the championship, he used cocaine and amphetamine. “Because it was my birthday and I wanted to celebrate the good results with my friends. Because most of my friends are riders and were in Balve, I thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate. My party was not official or public, but only for invited guests.”

The report states that Weichert uses drugs more often. “It was only because of the good and euphoric feeling that I was seduced into this irresponsible act and used the drugs. Unfortunately, this was not the first time this happened at a party. I admit that I sometimes use drugs at parties to get in a better mood.”

To shorten his sentence, he has to pay a fine of 1,500 Swiss francs. In addition, he has to pay for the costs of his own lawyer and pro rata litigation costs.

Source Horses.nl/St. Georg

Photo by Hippo Foto


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