Juan Matute smiles

Juan Matute Guimon has been in hospital since May 5, after he collapsed after training due to a cerebral hemorrhage. The 22 year old Spanish dressage rider is still in intensive care because the hospital in Madrid is undergoing a renovation due to the Corona virus. “We hope that he can leave the ICU soon,” his father says.

Juan had a FaceTime conversation with his older sister Paula, who is currently in Florida. “It’s incredible what Juan did Sunday,” says his father. Juan’s mother asked him if he remembered the English, and Juan started to smile. “Of course,” he said in a low voice.

“Juan will have to slowly regain weight in the time to come. His muscle mass has been greatly reduced by the medication. But the future looks good for our family again.”

“I can’t thank the doctors at the hospital enough. They have always been very determined to save him and have done so with so much love. They are now, of course, grateful for every smile they receive from him.”

“I’m so incredibly glad I can’t find the right words,” Juan’s sister Paula said after the FaceTime conversation. “He looked so handsome and he did great.”

Source De HoefslagDressage News


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