Klaus Roeser will continue to head the dressage committee DOKR

The German dressage riders of the A and B squads agreed that Klaus Roeser will continue to head the dressage committee of the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR). In addition, the riders selected members from within their own disciplines to act as representatives. New committee chairmen were also nominated. For the first time the young riders were allowed to choose their own representatives. This means that there is now a representative for the Olympic, Prospects and U25 team in each discipline, as well as one for the U21 team. There are also two deputies in each of the disciplines. DOKR director Dr. Dennis Peiler: “Since 2010, the discipline committees have been divided into two working groups: top-level sport and youth sport. So it is only logical that in each group there is a representative who is the point of contact for the others. We have already tested it in show jumping and dressage and it has proved very enriching there.”


Source Horses.nl

Photo by Hippo Foto

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