Legal battle concerning the legacy of Totilas

The Dutch equestrian website reports on the legal battle concerning the legacy of the legendary stallion Totilas that arose between Paul Schockemöhle and Kees Visser in relation to the frozen semen of Totilas. As you may recall, the stallion passed away at the end of 2020.

Paul Schockemöhle purchased the horse from Kees Visser in 2010. Due to new technical developments such as ICSI the value of the frozen semen of Totilas that Kees Visser still had in stock has increased exponentially. Paul Schockemöhle obtained an injunction order of Landgericht and Oberlandesgericht Oldenburg forbidding Kees Visser selling the semen. Kees Visser pre-empted him and started litigation before the Court of Gelderland in Arnhem, seeking damages. What followed was a battle regarding jurisdiction. Paul Schockemöhle was fiercely opposing the jurisdiction of the Court in Arnhem. The Court found his objections “a bridge too far” and decided it was competent to review the merits. In addition, an order has been issued in favour of Kees Visser allowing him to freeze the assets of Paul Schockemöhle in the Netherlands as security of Kees Visser’s claim. Kees Visser is being represented by Our Litigation Team consisting of Vincent Zitman, Luc Schelstraete and Piotr Wawrzyniak.

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