Lone Jörgensen withdrawn from the Australian OG team

Two weeks after Lyndal Oatley announced that she does not want to go to the Olympic Games in Tokyo (JPN), now her teammate Lone Jörgensen has also withdrawn from the Australian team. The situation surrounding Covid-19 and the lack of international competitions in Australia were cited by the former Danish Olympian as the reason. In 2019, Danish-born Lone Jörgensen took up Australian citizenship. In the same year she won the Australian national title with her horse Corinna (by Crelido). This year she is again showing good form. The 59-year-old rider was placed on the longlist for the Tokyo Games alongside Lyndal Oatley, Simone Pearce, Kristy Oatley, Mary Hanna and Kelly Layne. Jörgensen competed for Denmark twice at the Olympic Games, in Sydney (AUS) and Athens (GRE). But after Lyndal Oatley’s withdrawal a fortnight ago, Lone Jörgensen has now also decided not to go to Tokyo. “The ongoing Covid-19 situation and the lack of international competitions in Australia,” Jörgensen said, “have made it difficult for me to prepare for such an event in the way we would like.” European Australians Simone Pearce (with Destano and Amandori) and Kristy Oatley (with Du Soleil) are currently the two best scoring Australian competitors and the strongest team contenders. Multiple Olympian Mary Hanna (with Calanta and Syriana) and American Kelly Layne (with Samhitas) are in the running for the third place.

Source Horses.nl

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