Ludger Beerbaum’s view

The four-time Olympic gold medalist Ludger Beerbaum is worried about the consequences of the Corona crisis for the international jumping sport.
“We will have to review and evaluate the system we used before the crisis when everything is over. It is impossible to continue in the same way and at the same level as before. It will take a long time before we are all back on the same level. Starting directly on a CSI5* with a horse is not possible after months of not being at a show. Many colleagues will start in lower classes after the crisis. Where the prize money is less important”, says the German top rider.
Beerbaum is also thinking about the consequences that air traffic will have for international sport. “Long distance flights with horses will not be an issue for the time being. Many riders will only start in their own country. That will be a big problem for the big international competitions.”
“The consequences of this crisis will be felt for months or years to come, but our sport is unique. We work with animals and men and women compete at the same level. I do not believe under any circumstances that the future of our sport is in danger”, he concludes.


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