Marwari horses in trouble

Horse India is an organisation in Rajastan that breeds, among others, the extraordinary Marwari horses. Owner Dr Rao Ajeet Singh has about 50 Marwari horses. Unfortunately, a severe cyclone hit the organisation’s stables yesterday.
Horse India reported on Facebook: “The cyclone Tauktae hit us hard. There was heavy flooding, storm damage and lots of wind. Our stables were directly in the path of the cyclone. By some miracle, it seems that all horses, staff and food supplies have survived. There is still a lot of wind and rain coming our way in the next 24 hours.”
“We need to feed our 50 Marwari breeding horses.  Since we had to cancel all horse safaris this year because of Covid-19, we have had no income for over a year. Covid-19 has also hit the rural areas hard. The organisation has launched a GoFundMe campaign.
Dr Rao Ajeet Singh inherited his father’s love and knowledge of Marwari horses. He started the breeding farm Ajeet now runs. With his breeding farm, Ajeet wants to ensure the preservation of this special Indian breed. He regularly searches for horses with old bloodlines.
Source and photo Facebook and Horse India website

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