JustWorld International; meet Camilo

Camilo Mendoza loves art, photography and spending time with his friends at El Patojismo, the JustWorld school in Guatemala. However, like many around the world, his life was drastically upended by the COVID-19 outbreak.

A country-wide lockdown meant Camilo was in his home with 12 relatives. His father, a bricklayer and main provider for the family, lost his job. As the Mendozas struggled to generate income, the virus wasn’t the only thing spreading throughout their town. Increasing violence forced a strict curfew that severely limited the ability for families to sustain themselves. This is the reality facing students and families in the communities where JustWorld works.

One thing the Mendozas did not worry about – Camilo’s education and access to consistent, healthy meals. Because through this crisis, JustWorld continues to be a stable support system for thousands of families by providing critical nutritional outreach and extending educational resources to keep students on track and thriving. JustWorld donors ensure programs will continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The work is far from being done but one by one, students like Camilo, will not be left behind.

“Without JustWorld, my family worried about how or where we would get food. Now I don’t worry and I can keep doing my schoolwork so I can graduate and get a good job.”


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