Meeting of the Mustangs

What do an old Ford and a particular young mustang have in common?

Awarded a 5-star review by Readers’ Favorite, this is the story about the beginning of life for one horse.

After losing his father shortly after birth, a young mustang growing up in the wilderness of the American west is put to the test. The struggle to survive despite nasty weather, predators, and unfortunate accidents is very real to these enduring horses. Conditions forced upon them by nature and those that come at the hands of men are very different, however. Instinct cannot always outwit the bad intentions of human beings.

Not all humans are bad, though, and sometimes the unexpected can happen. Find out how one horse and one man profoundly impact each other’s lives, and decide for yourself if karma truly does exist.

A great story for almost any age, this tale will be enjoyed by animal lovers from all walks of life.

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