Mirjam Horse Products

Foran Equine boasts a comprehensive, well-established range of over 60 products. These include superior quality nutritional supplements specifically designed to optimize health and boost performance and essential health care products for performance horses. Products are developed by an experienced multi-disciplinary team including veterinary surgeons, chemists, equine nutritionists and horsemen and women in accordance with our customers needs. Through development and innovation trials in-house and in leading educational institutes, products are put through their paces to ensure superior levels of efficacy, safety and quality.


Ensure they have it all with Chevinal. A palatable multi-nutrient liquid supplement, perfectly balanced for optimal performance, Chevinal offers reassurance that your horse isn’t left with any nutritional gaps, regardless of what the day holds for them.


  • Amino acids to aid in muscle recovery and re-building of condition
  • B vitamins for protein metabolism and energy utilisation
  • Biotin and Zinc to support healthy hoof horn growth and skin condition


For all horses, to help balance their nutritional requirements in any circumstances. Can be particularly beneficial in performance horses with reduced feed intake or who require additional support for high levels of exertion and to support horses recovering from illness.

Suitable for

All horses, especially performance horses. Chevinal can be used to balance out a diet of forage or concentrations as necessary

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