New ministerial guidelines for equestrian sport in Germany

The new ministerial guidelines for equestrian sport in Germany have had a considerable impact. In particular, the directive that a horse must be at least 30 months (2.5 years) before training can begin caused a great deal of commotion and may result in the German stallion inspection system no longer being tenable. Sönke Lauterbach, Secretary-General of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), says: “The most difficult issue with these directives was the start of training; it took two years to find a common denominator.” Lauterbach points out that the FN did not really have a problem with this directive, but mainly with the German Race and Trot Federation, for whom there is now an exception: racehorses and trotters are allowed to work earlier, but have to be examined by a veterinarian before starting the training. Lauterbach says that the FN can live with 30 months as the minimum age to start training. However, it will probably have an impact on the German inspection system. “The breeding department of the FN and our studbooks are currently reconsidering the inspection and preparation system with the guidelines in mind,” says Lauterbach. In addition, the German Ministry of Agriculture is also planning a scientific study on this subject. “This is an initiative with which we are very much in favour,” says Lauterbach.
Source FN

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