OO Seven has passed away at the age of 27

Owner David Shoobridge announced that his beloved KWPN stallion and Grand Prix partner OO Seven has passed away at the age of 27. The stallion was suffering from old age and was put to sleep. Not only was he successful at the highest level for his owner’s country Australia, his offspring are also excelling in the dressage sport. The stallion will remain available for breeding by means of frozen semen. Shoobridge says on his Facebook page: “I owe everything to this special horse. The relationship we had was absolutely the most influential and special of my career. We understood each other and we pushed each other to better results. We helped each other in times of need. We went for the work when there was work to be done.” During the peak of their sporting careers, OO Seven and Shoobridge, who had never ridden Grand Prix before, reached 85th place in the FEI rankings. “OO Seven also proved his value for breeding in his home country; the KWPN honoured him with the keur predicate, thanks to his achievements in the sport and his breeding results. Isabelle (van Gisbergen) and Emmy (de Jeu), thank you. You gave Amanda and me the privilege of having such an incredible horse in our lives. Rest in peace my friend, my heart, my horse OO Seven, thank you. We will see each other again.”

Source Horses.nl

Photo by Hippo Foto


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