Patrice Delaveau left Haras de la Forge

Patrice Delaveau announced that he is leaving Haras de la Forge for new challenges. It’s the turning of a new page for the three-time reserve world champion, who has lived through the most wonderful moments of his sporting career with HDC affix horses.

Patrice told Stud for Life; “It’s a reflection that started several months ago, and it comes from a desire to give my sport career some new momentum. I have been present very little at high level lately, and it is still that which drives me more than anything else. I still don’t feel capable of living without high level sport. It’s my life, my adrenaline… For all these reasons, I felt it was time to look at things differently. The successive containments allowed me time to grow this new project and my decision to leave the Haras de la Forge to set up independently.”

Patrice is moving two minutes away from the Haras de la Forge, to Clara Darty’s Clairefontaine stables, close to Deauville. To develop his competition stable, with the purpose of finding his place at the highest level but also to develop a horses’ valorisation and marketing department. The Clairefontaine stables are outstanding, in addition to being very functional, and he will be able to carry out his project there.

Source Stud for Life

Photo by Hippo Foto

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