Patrik Kittel and Fiontini 76.09% in their Grand Prix Special debut

At the beginning of this month, we announced that Partik Kittel took over the reins of the three-time world champion Fiontini (by Fassbinder). Last weekend the combination made their Grand Prix debut in Donaueschingen (GER). In the Grand Prix they scored 71,65%, and in the Special they had a great score of 76,09%, taking second place.

After the Grand Prix test, Patrik wrote on Facebook, “Fiontini did super well! We achieved almost 72%. Unfortunately, due to three big mistakes from me, we couldn’t make it over 75%.” Based on the score of the Special they came in second, he wrote that he was incredibly proud.

Right after the rider took over the reins, he already knew he had a good horse. “Fiontini is without a doubt a world-class horse. She has not been with me for long, but I am getting to know her. Fiontini has everything it takes to make it in the top sport, so we’ll see what the future brings us,” Patrik said at the time.

In the Special, Laura Tomlinson gave Patrik the edge. She sent her horse Dsp Rose of Bavaria (by Florestan I) to an excellent 77.28%. In the Grand Prix she was also on top. Patrik’s partner Lyndal Oatley came in third. Together with the KWPN mare Elvive (. Tuschinski) she scored 75.13%.

Photo by Hippo Foto

Source De Hoefslag

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