Philipp Klingbeil leaves Westphalian studbook

The 32-year-old Philipp Klingbeil was appointed as breeding director of the Westphalian studbook in January. Now the studbook reports that he will stop his function breeding at the end of May. “For personal reasons Philipp Klingbeil leaves the Westphalian studbook in his probationary period”, says the studbook. Ralf Johanshon, President of the Westphalian studbook, says he regrets Philipp’s decision to leave. “We very much regret this decision, but we respect it and have agreed immediately. Philipp Klingbeil is a true horse expert at a young age, who deserves a lot of trust in a professional and personal way. We wish him good luck and all the best for the rest of his career”.

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