Schüsselberg loses all foals this season

Sven Schüsselberg has seen the nightmare he was so afraid of come to life. All the pregnant mares rejected their foals due to the EHV-1 outbreak in his stables after returning from the CES Valencia Tour. That fear has now become reality: the FEI reports that the three remaining pregnant mares have rejected their foals. German rider Sven Schlüsselberg returned from the CES Valencia Tour to his home base in Ilsfeld on 12 February to give his top horses some rest before participating in the Global Champions Tour in Doha. The outbreak in Valencia was not yet known at the time and so Schüsselberg put his sporthorses among the others, ‘as per normal’. That had fatal consequences. Earlier Schüsselberg announced that he lost two sport horses due to the outbreak, one newborn foal died and five pregnant mares rejected their foal. “We are afraid that we will lose all our foals,” Schüsselberg said on 11 March. Those fears have now played out, as can be seen from the FEI’s timeline on the Valencia outbreak. “Three more mares have rejected their foal at the stable where previously two horses and a newborn foal died and five pregnant mares have rejected.” The FEI also reports some good news, by the way. Schüsselberg’s two horses that were still in quarantine in Doha, including his top horse Bud Spencer, have now returned safely to Europe. The FEI reports on the same timeline today that a new Valencia returnee has tested positive for EHV-1 in Germany.

Source / FEI

Photo website Sven Schüsselberg

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