Spanish horse dealer Javier S. must pay €751,000 in fines

The Spanish horse dealer Javier S. (51) is said to have built up his impressive stable complex in Valkenswaard with money that was partly laundered. With this money he rented expensive cars and a flat in Eindhoven. He was sentenced to three quarters of a year in prison. That is the verdict of the court. This is what Eindhovens Dagblad reports. In the investigation, Javier S. was portrayed during the last five years as someone who moved in underworld circles. That does not seem to be entirely correct. S. is mainly a horse dealer who travelled the world and has a clientele full of well-to-do Americans. He must have earned tons of money with his horse trade. But according to the court, he used consultants to hide exactly how much money he earned and where it all came from. For years the man had a company in the Virgin Islands and bank accounts in Switzerland, a country with banking secrecy. With such dubious constructions he would have tried to evade as much tax as possible. This was also established by the court. Between 2004 and 2016, the horse dealer did not pay any tax anywhere in the world. Not even in the Netherlands. At the same time, even before he finished his large horse complex in Valkenswaard, Javier S. lived most of the year in the Netherlands. It was tapped telephone conversations with a financial advisor that got the case rolling. In them, the two discussed how they could pretend that the horse dealer lived in Belgium by renting a cheap flat there. Horse dealer Javier S. is convicted of money laundering, money from a crime he used to build his stables, rent a flat and rent cars. The court imposed a prison sentence of 15 months, of which 6 were suspended. In addition, his companies must pay €751,000 in fines.


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