Spanish jumping rider Lopez de la Osa Escribano has bought land in Valkenswaard (NED)

On the site of a former pig farm, in the future it will be all about training and trading jumping horses again. Valkenswaard (NED) will once again have a five-star Dynasty-like horse centre on the ‘boulevard’, according to the ED.
The Spanish jumping rider Lopez de la Osa Escribano has bought land in Valkenswaard. He had his eye on a former pig farm at the Grensweg. That is more or less in the backyard of the Maastrichterweg, or the ‘horse boulevard’, as this piece of land has come to be called.
A stone’s throw away from Jan Tops’ impressive top sports arena, the Spaniard wants to transform this yard into a high-quality international equestrian company with ‘allure and prestige’. The plans include stables for 44 horses and two studio flats for employees. In addition, all kinds of facilities are provided, such as a canter track, to better train the sport horses. A lunging circle, horse walker and outdoor arena are also included.
The municipality is happy to cooperate in the construction of the new complex. The city council does, however, impose a number of conditions. For example, the entrance to the horse farm must be directed towards the Grensweg, and not towards the nearby Wolfsven, as is the case on submitted drawings. In addition, the entrepreneur must talk to local residents and fit everything neatly into the surroundings.
Source: Eindhovens Dagblad
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