Steve Guerdat wonders if it is a good idea

Steve Guerdat wonders if it is a good idea to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. The Swiss top rider and 2012 Olympic champion thinks that ‘walking around’ with a medal in a country suffering from the pandemic is not a good plan.

“It gives a bad feeling to be part of these Games, even though I know I won’t change anything on my own,” Steve Guerdat said. “There is a part of me that absolutely does not want to, because the Games without an audience are not the Games. We want to show our sport, we want this enthusiasm around our sport and that’s exactly what makes the Games different. If I have to ride there without an audience, I say to myself, what’s the point?”

Guerdat is also concerned about the Japanese people, who would rather be without the Games than to have them. He also questions the priority of vaccinating Olympic athletes. “Should we want to prioritise vaccinating the athletes, when there are currently not enough vaccines in the world for all of us? There are people dying every day who could benefit from the vaccines. That makes it all very complicated.”


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