The high speed treadmill

KYLIX has developed a high speed treadmill. This treadmill will be used for training racehorses and is currently being installed in Japan. These treadmills are especially designed to safely reach speeds of 39km/h and have the possibility of setting a 7 degree incline. A fan mounted in the front allows for the horse to be cooled during training. The treadmill itself also has a built-in cooling installation to prevent overheating.

This treadmill also comes with various safety features, including emergency stops on all corners and an infrared sensor that stops the treadmill should the horse fall. Sturdy side partitions ensure the horse cannot slip off the sides and the treadmill has a very long working surface to give the horse ample space during training. The entire treadmill can be built into the ground to allow easy access for the horses. The basic model has a control platform on the left-hand side, but comes with the option of adding platforms on both sides. The operating panel is freestanding, allowing the operators to place this to their own convenience. This allows the user optimal control of the treadmill as well as the horse. The treadmill also has front- and rear bars that lock automatically when the doors are closed and special high speed bearings are used.

This treadmill was especially developed for the racing industry, but can be used for all equestrian disciplines.

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