The Masters of Chantilly confirmed

Whatever it takes (and the EEM teams have not spared any effort or energy), the Masters of Chantilly will take place. There is no doubt about that. With an audience, whether masked or not, vaccinated or not, and a gauge that will be determined at the appropriate time according to the situation; optimism is the order of the day: Christophe Ameeuw is resolutely determined that his first “after” event will be held from July 8 to 11.

“We are working on three scenarios, three different formulas which will comply with the three levels of sanitary rules that we imagine should be in force at the time. The first scenario is closed-door: no audience and a limited number of attendees. Our second model calls for a site layout with specific facilities for the audience, catering, and hospitality. However, the scheme we hope to implement first – and we are confident we can do it – is that of a great return to the Masters in its entirety at the beginning of July in an (almost) normal way.”

Christophe Ameeuw seems to have a relentless passion for this place: “There is no place more iconic, more legitimate, and more beautiful than Chantilly for this great return to the Masters in the new world.”

The new Masters of Chantilly will take place between July 8 and 11. With an audience, but also with the best riders of the world three weeks before the Olympic Games of Tokyo. After Roland-Garros and during the Tour de France, the Masters of Chantilly is therefore part of the calendar for the return of major international sporting events in France.

Source press release EEM World



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