The secret is in the sand

Today the quality of the training infrastructure for the horses has top priority. An important element in this recreational and especially professional branch of the equestrian sport is the arena. BM Service offers you the guarantee of an extraordinary quality and success.

Thanks to the years of experience and our ability to adapt our arenas to any situation and climate, we have now expanded to realizing projects in 15 countries around the world! BM Service’s client portfolio consists mainly of equestrian professionals, renowned stables and top riders who also value our extensive service.

Our goal is to manufacture a stable and elastic arena which meets all your horse’s requirements!
An arena needs a good foundation, the total build-up of all the layers, even the ones that will not be visible in the end, are equally important as the top layer. That is why as a company we attach great importance to the total concept of building an equestrian arena.

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