Tokyo Olympics and the starting list for the Grand Prix

Discussion at the Tokyo Olympics about the starting list for the Grand Prix: the FEI only wants to publish it after the vet-check on Friday and so the dressage riders do not know until Friday whether they have to start on Saturday or Sunday. The International Dressage Riders Club thinks this is unacceptable and its president Klaus Roeser is putting pressure on the FEI to come up with a draft, at least before Friday. The new format does not make it easy to make a starting list. The Grand Prix (the individual qualifier for the Freestyle) is ridden in groups based on the world ranking. No problem so far. But the system also says that two riders from the same country cannot start in the same group. For Germany, for example, this is a problem: the three German riders (Isabell Werth, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Dorothee Schneider) would be in the same group based on the world ranking. This is not allowed and so riders have to be shifted around. The FEI has not announced how the changes will be made and so it is not clear whether a start can be moved from Saturday to Sunday. For the riders this is (of course in connection with the training) unacceptable. At a spontaneously called meeting of the IDRC (all board members were present anyway) this topic was discussed. Klaus Roeser, chairman of the IDRC and chef d’equipe of Germany, then went to the FEI and stipulated that a draft of the starting list be made before the fat check. After the vet check, there may still be changes (if horses are not fit), but the riders already have an idea this way. Roeser reports in his blog on that FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez is making efforts to arrange it. Whether that will succeed is not yet known.

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