Top results at the Olympics without shoes

Two of Sweden’s three gold medal winning jumpers, H&M All In and King Edward, competed barefoot when winning their team medals (and the individual silver medal for All In) at the Tokyo Olympics. All In has been competing barefoot for almost two years; according to  Peder Fredricson, he has been jumping better then ever. “I have a feeling he jumps better without shoes,” Fredricson said in an earlier interview. Fredricson also inspired teammate Henrik von Eckermann to pull the shoes off King Edward. He did so in the Covid-19 pandemic break and liked it. There is a growing group of show jumping riders who prefer to compete their horses barefoot. There is one advantage to that anyway: you can’t lose them. In the Tokyo jumping courses, Dutch team horses Zypria S N.O.P. and Sterrehof’s Dante N.O.P. cast a shoe along the way.

Source De Hoefslag

Photo by Hippo Foto

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