Twentytwo des Biches surgery went well

The combination Bryan Balsiger and his top horse Twentytwo des Biches had a rough fall. On the last obstacle in the Grand Prix of the CSI5* in Paris, fate struck. The rider Bryan Balsiger fell and the mare ran through the course on three legs.

The mare was transferred to the Grosbois clinic in France after it was clear the mare had a fracture in the left leg. The mare is operated by Doctor Fabrice Nossignol, who specialises in delicate fractures. So the last news is that Twentytwo des Biches has been operated successfully.

“The operation went well, Twentytwo is standing and has already taken her first steps in the clinic’s courtyard. The vets are very pleased with the result. The recovery will, of course, take some time. The only goal is that Twentytwo can enjoy the retirement she deserves,” said Bryan Balsiger.


Photo by Hippo Foto

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