UEFCF update

This month 375 tons of feed, haylage and bedding have been received as donations from many different countries. 150 tons have already been distributed to 30 different stables through our network within Ukraine including the following areas: Voyazh, Balaton, Salanta, Sosnovy Gai Rodeo, Golden (Tarasivka), Ipodrome, Brovary, Bucha, Zapruddya, Torrance, Zabir’ya, Magnate, Victoria, Kistruga (Rzhishchiv), Dynamo and Konkshni.

When people register their need for help on our website, this information is used to plan which areas our supply runs go to. That is why it is so important that everyone uses our website, both to register offers of help and requests for help.

Highlights of our first month of operations:

28th of Feb, the UEF Charity Foundation was registered

4th of March, supplies and logistic site set up in Poland

8th of March first supplies arrived in Poland

9th of March bank account opened for donations

14th of March second logistics point in Poland for bigger shipments

17th of March supplies distributed in Ukraine

19th of March, 18 horses arrived in transit stable in Poland

23rd of March, transit stable financed by FEI Solidarity Fund arrived and being set up and PayPal donations open

25th of March, more horses arrived to Poland and humanitarian aid (7 lorries) left Lviv to different regions, incl Kyiv, Kharkyv, Dnepr

50 horses have moved from war zones to safer zones within Ukraine

38 horses have been evacuated to our base outside Ukraine

75 000€ has been donated to our Charity Foundation fund so far

Our social media has reached over 1 million people so far. Donations must be processed through this Polish logistics platform. All deliveries must be coordinated by the foundation and follow the customs procedures.

3 types of donations can be made:

Hay or Haylage packed in bags weighing up to 20kg

Compound feed for horses in bags weighing up to 20kg;

Litter (shavings) in bags weighing up to 20kg.

Anyone wishing to make a donation must notify the foundation before the shipment to the logistics platform via the website  At the moment there is an urgent need for haylage and beddings for the horses.

Anyone in the European area who can offer help with accommodation and evacuation can fill in the following form: https://helpukrainehorses.eu/en/offer-help-en/

Help us help the horses in Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation

The Foundation is registered in Belgium and its mission is to support the Ukrainian horse owners, stables, clubs, riding schools, athletes, and professionals. We work together with the Ukraine Equestrian Society, Ukraine Horse Union, the FEI, horse welfare organisations, charities and National Equestrian Federations from many countries.


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