Victory for Sergio Alvarez Moya in Grand Prix in Gorla Minore

Sergio Alvarez Moya jumped to victory on Alamo at the Mail Boxes Etc. Grand Prix, concluding the CSIO3* event at the Equieffe Equestrian Centre in Gorla Minore, Italy. The Spanish rider and his horse excelled in a spectacular jump-off (37.18 seconds)– enabling them to beat the young Dutch rider SanneThijssen on Con Quidam RB by a hair’s breadth. Thijssen’s time of 37.45 seconds had previously looked invincible.

Rendering their victory all the sweeter was the fact that Moya and Alamo paired up for the first time only a few weeks ago. The Dutch 13-year old horse was acquired for Moya in February by Real Madrid football champion Sergio Ramos, who is therefore the horse’s co-owner.

“I competed on Alamo for the first time just a week ago here at Gorla,’ Moya declared. – ‘For both of us, the event helped pick up a competitive rhythm and perfect our understanding of one another. During the CSIO, I realised I could ask just that little bit more of him, above all in the Grand Prix, and Alamo responded in the best possible way. With a horse like him, it’s easy to go all out to win! Ramos? I have just sent him a snap of our champion and I am sure he’ll be thrilled!”

Source press office Gorla Minore


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